shared training development


The high quality of our agents and their phone handling skills are proven results of the LiveHelpAmerica Agent Training Program. In a two-tiered system, each member of our team is hired for specific skill sets and qualifications, and then given the tools needed to succeed in meeting their personal goals, along with our company and client goals.

New Hire Training

The objective of LiveHelpAmerica’s New Hire Training is to set the foundation for success. All new agents must go through a one-week paid training course in our state-of-the-art, in-house training center, where they learn:

    • LiveHelpAmerica history and background
    • LiveHelpAmerica quality standards and monitoring procedures
    • Customer service and sales skills (how to deal with irate customers, how to ask closed questions, etc.), and how they apply in a call center environment.

During this training, agents will role-play and practice on test accounts to ensure they know how to efficiently navigate our system.

Continual Development

Agent monitoring and coaching are practiced on a daily basis. Training is always available to improve individual agent performance and address any needs that arise. Strengthening skill sets promotes dedication leading to internal leadership, career opportunity and growth.