shared reporting analytics


Attending to the calls of your customers is only one aspect of a complete customer service strategy – the second part is learning from each of these interactions, gathering information, and constantly looking for ways to develop or improve your business. At LiveHelpAmerica, we offer all clients a comprehensive online reporting solution that delivers call details broken down by the hour. Access to the LiveHelpAmerica Online Reporting Suite is available 24×7 with the use of a secure user name and password given to you during account implementation.

Why Reporting Matters

The information you see in your online reports is the same information your Client Services Executive sees when gauging the performance of your account. With the statistics provided, you gain invaluable insight into your callers’ habits and tendencies, learn which of your marketing efforts are having the most impact on your target market and discover the efficiency of our center with talk and handle times.

The LiveHelpAmerica Online Reporting Suite

Whether your outsourcing goal is market growth, quality control, product improvement or enhanced customer service, our Online Reporting Suite provides a detailed understanding of your customer support environment. It is here that you can:

  • Access call data on a 24×7 basis
  • Monitor monthly call activity and call statistics
  • View your call information in animated charts and graphs for easy trend analysis
  • Interactively compare date ranges over custom-defined 30 day periods
  • Compare call arrival patterns from different area codes or from different marketing campaigns

Our reporting package serves as a direct measurement of how we perform and how well we have met our clients’ expectations. The LiveHelpAmerica Online Reporting Suite can be customized to include a broad range of tools to suite your campaign needs.

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