shared live receptionist


As a growing business, acquiring new customers and maintaining existing clients is your number one priority. When a phone call comes into your office, is it being answered? How about after business hours and on vacation or sick days when you or your receptionist are not available? LiveHelpAmerica understands the importance of every customer contact and offers live telephone answering services 24×7×365 to businesses looking to build a professional image.

Discover how LiveHelpAmerica Live Receptionist Solution can bring success to your customer service approach and sales strategy:

Around-The-Clock Availability

LiveHelpAmerica’s Live Receptionist Solution has agents answer your calls with the same greeting and manner as an in-house receptionist 24×7×365, creating a dependable service for all your customers and clients.

Exude Professionalism

The professionalism and quality of our agents leads callers to believe they have reached your office, not our call center. Callers are given individual attention to their needs right at the first contact.

A Cost Effective Solution

By outsourcing your receptionist needs to LiveHelpAmerica, you have access to 24×7×365 customer service handling by professional call center agents for as little as $8 a day.

Realize the many benefits of our Live Receptionist solution today:

  • Dependable and professional receptionist services convey a professional business image, with agents acting as an extension of your brand
  • Detailed messaging uses your preferred message delivery method including email, FTP upload, batch files and telephone, as required by the needs of you and your customers
  • Customizable service options such as AnswerPhrase, IVR/Greeting Front and dynamic call forwarding
  • Savings on salary expenses and resources (hourly wages, benefits, sick leave, vacation time etc.) that can be allocated to other parts of your business

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