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Your online customer service and sales strategy plays an increasingly important role in the profitability of your business as you strive to be competitive in your industry. Integrating LiveHelpAmerica’s Live Chat solution will aid you in converting your online visitors into loyal customers. Combining LivePerson’s industry-leading live chat technology with LiveHelpAmerica certified chat agents or ‘eReps’, and a specialized management structure, our Live Chat Solution will bring success to your online customer service approach and sales strategy – in an all-inclusive per minute pricing model!

LiveHelpAmerica And LivePerson – How It Works

LivePerson is an industry-leading provider of live chat technology that facilitates the connection of businesses and experts with consumers seeking help on the web through real-time messaging, creating more relevant, compelling and personalized online experiences. LiveHelpAmerica has paired with LivePerson to offer our clients access to the most advanced technology and highest level of service possible for a complete online solution, at an all inclusive rate.

LivePerson Certified EReps

LiveHelpAmerica Live Chat will engage your online customers and provide exceptional service with our eReps as the point of contact. LiveHelpAmerica ensures each of our eReps is LivePerson trained and fully certified to handle all Live Chat communication, possessing strong, well-developed written communication skills geared towards engaging customers, providing direction through the sales process, and converting customers into buyers. Learn how LiveHelpAmerica’s Live Chat solution can bring success to your online customer service approach and sales strategy:

Be Proactive With Your Visitors

Our Certified eReps can initiate chats and offer promotions to your visitors at critical times during their online visit – for example before abandoning their shopping cart. Online behavior is tracked to ensure contact is made at the right time with customers.

Maximize Value Of Industry-Leading Technology

Being LivePerson certified, LiveHelpAmerica’s eReps effectively take full advantage of the features and benefits made available by the LivePerson platform. As a result, you gain the best of both technology and service best practices.

Online Customer Intelligence

Integration LivePerson technology with LiveHelpAmerica systems allows for robust chat reporting of online visitor activity and browsing patterns. This valuable information provides insight that can be fed back into your sales and marketing plans to continually optimize your online strategy.

Realize the many benefits of Live Chat today:

  • Increased online conversions, customer acquisitions, and average order value with real-time assistance
  • Reduced shopping cart abandonment by up to 50%
  • Raised customer satisfaction levels and loyalty through convenient 24x7x365 customer service
  • Reduced costs and increased productivity through the use of concurrent chat sessions – having agents handle up to 3 chat sessions at one time
  • Deflected calls and contacts from other more costly channels such as phone and email to live chat

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