shared emergency response


Emergencies come at any hour of the day and efficient handling of these calls is crucial to the success of your business. Critical and urgent calls require specific handling expertise for information to be delivered quickly and accurately, through Agents who are knowledgeable and possess a confident, calming tone. LiveHelpAmerica agents empathize with your caller and take charge to resolve the problem in a professional, time-effici.

Discover how LiveHelpAmerica Emergency Response can provide success to your customer service approach and operational efficiency:

Call Escalation Process

Our On-Call Schedule Manager tool gives you full control over the escalation process our agents follow. Once the caller is connected to someone from your company, the agent will forward the caller’s message to your email inbox, pager, cellular or smartphone.

Automatic Recording Of All Interactions

Quality Management technology digitally records each call in a searchable database and is available for you to listen on request.

On-Call Schedule Manager

Manage and make modifications to your own on-call schedule and escalation process by creating, editing and deleting personnel and their availabilities as you require.

Realize the many benefits of Emergency Response today:

  • Critical and urgent calls are transferred immediately to a representative of your business, as defined by your needs
  • Detailed messaging uses your preferred message delivery method including email, FTP upload, batch files and telephone, as required by the needs of you and your customers
  • Experience peace-of-mind knowing your customers are taken care of 24×7×365 by a professional team

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