shared email response


Customers expect email responses promptly, making your turn-around time crucial to meeting their demands. The LiveHelpAmerica Email Response Solution manages your customers’ email and web-form inquiries to ensure appropriate responses to emails are provided quickly and with accuracy.

Discover how LiveHelpAmerica Email Response can be integrated with your current sales strategy and telephone support:

Email And Web-Form Management

A fully managed and hosted solution using industry-leading technology, our eReps provide timely email inquiry responses 24x7x365.

Certified Email Agents – EReps

Possessing strong written communication skills, eReps are fully trained and certified to handle all email communication. Using our email management software that houses your FAQ database, LiveHelpAmerica eReps are able to quickly retrieve detailed, approved responses to provide your customers.

Guaranteed Response Times

A guaranteed response turnaround time of less than 4 hours improves the customer service experience and increases brand loyalty, resulting in greater online and off-line sales.

Realize the many benefits of Email Response today:

  • Personalized and immediate response to emails 24x7x365
  • Product/service differentiation for your brand through an enhanced customer experience
  • Increased brand loyalty resulting in greater online and off-line sales
  • Effective handling of inquiries, supported by set escalation processes to ensure quick resolutions

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