shared direct response


LiveHelpAmerica delivers 24×7×365 direct response support for your marketing campaign needs, including network and cable television, radio, newspapers, direct mailings and the Internet advertisements.

Our routing technology, flexible scheduling systems and proven experience alleviate issues commonly associated with traditional direct marketing campaigns serviced elsewhere, including fewer lost sales from busy signals and dropped calls.

Discover how LiveHelpAmerica Direct Response can provide success to your marketing strategy:

Convert Leads And Conduct Up-Sells

All agents undergo Sales Certification training, giving them the tools needed to not only focus on each individual call and provide outstanding service, but to recognize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to increase order size.

Call Spike Management

LiveHelpAmerica coordinates with you and your media-buying agency to allow for optimum staffing levels during high-volume call spike periods, both short and long term. Meanwhile, constant monitoring of call flow provides data to make adjustments to complex call projection models, as needed.

Dependable People & Technology

Proven scheduling, staffing and personnel management systems ensure every interaction in the call center is processed quickly and accurately.

Realize the many benefits of Direct Response today:

  • Increased sales conversions and order sizes, taking advantage of greater cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Cost-effective staffing and scheduling solution provides necessary flexibility
  • Effective call flow monitoring and management ensures every call is efficiently captured and resolved
  • Easily scalable solution for optimal service efficiency to address on-demand needs

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