shared conference registration


Outsource your conference and event registration activities to LiveHelpAmerica call center and focus your attention on other logistics and details related to your event. Our skilled and experienced call center agents answer your toll-free registration line with your AnswerPhrase (unique greeting), ensuring attendees feel they have reached your office, not our call center.

Discover how LiveHelpAmerica Conference & Registration solution can help keep you organized and provide the foundation for a successful event:

Attendance Tracking And Management

View and have editing privileges of all event details (schedule, reservations, availabilities, prices and FAQ) in LiveHelpAmerica’s sophisticated web-based conference registration system.

Payment Processing

Online credit card processing will manage attendees’ payments in real-time, eliminating any declined or denied card payment issues.

Professional, Courteous Interaction

Agents treat callers as guests with a proper professional, courteous manner when providing clarification of information and details regarding the conference or event.

Realize the many benefits of Conference & Registration today:

  • Process ticket payments in real-time, keeping the most accurate and up-to-date database
  • Save time and resources, while staying organized and preventing overbooking conflicts
  • Provide service to all attendees from out of town who reside in different time zones with 24×7 support
  • Phone answered with a unique greeting as outlined and customized by you to meet your goals

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