shared 24 hour help desk


Customers, partners, and suppliers demand 24×7 support for the products and services they have invested in. LiveHelpAmerica’s 24 Hour Help Desk call center agents are always available to answer first-tier questions for your company, providing customers with help and attention during urgent technical issues, resulting in increased customer satisfaction levels and loyalty to your brand and products.

Discover how LiveHelpAmerica 24 Hour Help Desk can bring success to your customer service approach and operational efficiency:

Intuitive Help Resources

Using web-enabled technology, LiveHelpAmerica builds detailed expert systems, or “Help Trees”, that empowers our agents to ask the right questions and provide correct, consistent answers.

Comprehensive Training

All agents are given an in-house, detailed training course prior servicing your account. The training program is developed with your assistance by our Training Specialist, and includes detailed escalation guidelines for agents to follow.

Help Desk Support Options

LiveHelpAmerica provides a range of help desk support options to cover all the needs of you and your customers. This includes hardware and/or software support, on-call dispatch, password resets, and FAQs or service requests.

Realize the many benefits of a 24 Hour Help Desk Solution today:

  • 24 hour support provides customers with the extra level of attention they demand, leading to increased brand loyalty
  • Reduced costs and increased productivity allows your team to focus on more complicated, second-tier customer inquiries
  • Agents know your business and communicate as an in-house employee, acting as an extension of your brand
  • Our Help Tree system provides quick, accurate and professional help to your customers, helping to reduce average call times with quicker call resolutions

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