experience consumer packaged goods



The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry faces a demanding market with many growing expectations, evolving trends, and shifting buying behaviors.

In addition to this, it’s understood that the competitive landscape is intense for CPG companies, battling to set themselves apart from the rest to both win new customers and maintain existing customer loyalty. In order to do this, it is crucial to deliver a unique and satisfying customer experience with appropriate support.

In order to continually optimize a CPG account, customer feedback should be effectively managed. In this industry, a brand’s reputation is crucial, especially as the adoption of social media outlets become even more widespread and word of mouth travels faster than ever, holding a deeper impact. Because of this increase in connectivity, any public customer response is magnified where positive experiences are great, and negative are detrimental.

LiveHelpAmerica understands this unique challenge, and has taken extra steps to ensure CPG companies can rely on us to truly replicate their brand and add value to their overall strategy. Our complete customer contact centers are staffed with highly trained people who are supported by proven processes and industry-leading technology. Through this we will deliver a replication of your in-house culture in our centers, and an experience that fosters loyalty and critical customer feedback that you company can loop back into your strategies. From LiveHelpAmerica, brands in the CPG industry can expect:

  • Replicated brand culture within our centers, including highly trained agents
  • Increased brand loyalty, leading to sustained recurring revenue
  • Increased visibility and positive brand recognition through effectively managed customer feedback