dedicated training development


LiveHelpAmerica uses extensive training and development processes to ensure a high performing culture is maintained. Using initial training to establish a standard, and ongoing coaching and client-specific training to allow for increased autonomy, alignment, consistency and quality, we foster employees and provide them with the tools and support needed to succeed.

New Hire Training

LiveHelpAmerica’s New Hire Training puts all new agents through a one-week paid training course in our state-of-the-art, in-house training center, in which they learn:

Company Fundamentals

  • LiveHelpAmerica history and background
  • LiveHelpAmerica quality standards and monitoring procedures
  • During this training, agents will role-play and practice on test accounts to ensure they know how to efficiently navigate our system

Some areas of focus will vary depending on the communication channel the group is being trained for, as follows:

Voice Support

  • Customer service and sales skills as employed in a call center environment
  • Operation of our proprietary LiveHelpAmerica Merlin Agent InterfaceTM, designed to successfully navigate through each account and resolve calls quickly and effectively, decreasing talk and handle times

Live Chat & Email Support

  • LivePerson Agent Certification, a process all live chat and email agents must go through and attain
  • Customer service and sales skills in an electronic environment, through the use of emotive text communication best practices
  • LivePerson console operational best practices, understanding and maximizing the use of all console features

Dedicated Account & Culture Training

All agents in our Dedicated Service Delivery Model handle a specific account and therefore must complete a full training program specific to the client in order to go live as a representative. Each account-specific training curriculum is developed by our National Training Manager (certified in Adult Education) and approved by the client during the implementation process. We encuorage our clients to be as involved in the process as they require. Once the training materials have been approved, we use a “train-the-trainer” approach for new accounts, enabling LiveHelpAmerica to develop experts on each of our client accounts and to deliver superior training to our contact enter agents.

Our hands-on approach ensures your specific training curriculum is unique to your company and meets the goals of your account. The attention to detail and account specifics also allows your LiveHelpAmerica Team to be a true extension of your brand, allowing us to mimic your culture and environment to deliver the highest level of customer service on your behalf.

Continual Development

Agent monitoring and coaching are practiced on a daily, ongoing basis to ensure client goals and KPIs are being met. Training is always available to improve individual agent performance and address any needs that arise.

For more information on the development and monitoring of agent performance and skill, please refer to our Quality Assurance section.