dedicated technical support


When customers experience issues with your product or service, the top priority and main goal is to provide immediate help and consistent answers to prevent negative feedback or product/service returns. The majority of customer support calls can be categorized as 1st tier help – they are basic in nature, but most common amongst your customers. LiveHelpAmerica offers dedicated agent Technical Support on a 24×7×365 basis, allowing our clients to focus on more complex queries or tier 2 and 3 support questions.

LiveHelpAmerica will work with your business to ensure our agents become true extensions of your team, knowledgeable in your products and services, taking a professional approach to your customer concerns. Through our own help-tree support system or integration with your CRM, we can assist you in bridging the gap with your customers by providing 24×7×365 Technical Support via phone, chat, and/or email.

LiveHelpAmerica Technical Support Benefits Include:

    • Accurate and timely responses ensuring consistent messaging of your brand across all channels of support
    • Scalability in labor delivery, allowing you to ramp support up and down quickly and efficiently depending on your product or service seasonality
    • Improved customer satisfaction by providing customers with the extra level of attention they demand
    • Proven expertise through complex product and CRM training to our agents
    • Reduced support costs and increased employee productivity by allowing your team to focus on more complicated, tier 2 customer inquiries


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