dedicated social media management


Social media is not just another communication channel. It’s a dynamic channel that allows your customer’s conversations to be amplified. With 92% of Retweets occurring in the first hour, are you prepared to manage your customer’s social conversation.

LiveHelpAmerica offers full service outsourced social media management through the company Social Herd. Social Herd provides social media monitoring, moderation, engagement and insight into your customers and social conversations. As a social contact center, LiveHelpAmerica has developed Social Herd to provide its clients best practices on social media management.


Using the right tool, our listening specialists will monitor your brand and product mentions. We listen first to understand what conversations are taking place, determine the sentiment, and flag relevant communications which require response. With multi-lingual agents all over the world, we ensure you do not miss a conversation.


User generated content is created every second. For large brands, the sheer volume of comments on a single Facebook status update can be overwhelming, let alone other communities or blogs managed by your brand. Our experts moderate your online communities, news, contests, chat, live events and more.


Engagement and response is the natural next step in social media management, yet the one feared the most. What do you respond to and how should you respond? What do you do when social media attacks your brand? We work with our clients to build out custom Engagement Guidelines that match your culture and ensure your PR & legal team is on board. For our response team, we have specific performance and quality metrics in place to ensure we act as a true extension of your brand.


Social media provides a wealth of data and analytics. With each program we offer reporting with business insight you and your teams can use to make business decisions. For Consumer Affairs and Service departments, we specifically look at metrics that focuses on operational KPIs to evaluate channel performance.