dedicated multilingual support


LiveHelpAmerica offers multilingual customer care and sales solutions in French, Spanish and English, enabling you to effectively respond to the specific needs of your customers. All languages are provided in a dedicated environment, and strategically housed within our contact centers to ensure aligned consistencies.

Providing multilingual support has become crucial in a global environment where the number of ethnic groups in North America continues to grow, and as businesses increasingly pursue international and diverse markets. Having the capability to communicate in mulitple languages will enable your business to experience opportunities in a range of markets and benefit from a higher customer acquisition rate.

Multilingual Support – The LiveHelpAmerica Difference

Support And Training

To enforce high quality standards, our multilingual customer service agents are critically assessed in the interview process on their reading, writing, speaking and translation skills in both English and the language of the queue they will be working in.


Agents converse with callers in one language throughout the duration of their shift, increasing the quality of each call through consistency of communication.

Accent Neutral

Location of our centers and consistency of language being spoken ensures that we maintain accent-neutral queues in all languages.

Employee Premiums

We are constantly attracting bilingual agents by offering pay premiums for French and/or Spanish fluency.

Pricing Flexibility

Our clients have the flexibility of choosing a combination of full-time equivalent requirements for various levels of support to match their consumer demographics (e.g. 80% English and 20% Spanish required).

Billing Advantage

Clients are billed separately for each language so that spending and consumer type can be tracked based on language support.

Why Do You Need Multilingual Support?

  • Spanish is the second most common language spoken in the United States after English
  • Spanish is the fastest growing minority group in the United States
  • Spanish is the most widely taught non-English language in U.S. secondary schools and institutions of higher education, indicating its importance among non-Hispanic Americans. As many as 100 million people in the United States have some basic knowledge of Spanish
  • French is the fourth most common language spoken in the United States and is used by about 175 million people around the world as a first or fluent second language
  • French is one of the two official languages of Canada

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