dedicated delivery


LiveHelpAmerica enhances overall quality and ROI for our clients by incorporating value-added delivery features to support our contact center solutions.

We ensure our practices go beyond your expectations, offering you a competitive advantage that provides you stability and transparent service intelligence allowing us to optimize service and allowing you to better understand your customers.

Recruitment & Retention

Extensive hiring and training processes are used to ensure the right people are employed who can thrive in a high performance culture.

Account Management

Strategic goals of every client are unique, and therefore focused on individually. Aligning strategies are important to collectively achieve high quality levels.

Workforce Management

Contact center scheduling is effectively balanced to provide you with optimum service levels while managing ideal operating costs. LiveHelpAmerica employs detailed WFM practice methodologies and advanced WFM technologies.

Enterprise Reporting

Timely and accurate performance analysis data related to your specific needs and operational goals are made available through LiveHelpAmerica’s Enterprise Reporting Suite.

Customer Feedback

Data collected in our contact center is extremely valuable to your organization and made available, providing insight into your product and service offerings, brand messaging, and overall customer satisfaction.

Training & Development

Maintenance of a high performing culture is sustained through fostering employees and providing them with the tools and support needed to succeed.

Quality Assurance

Considerable investments in technology and people backed by sound processes ensure the highest level of quality for all clients’ customer interactions (voice, chat, and email).

Business Continuity

Thorough contingency plans are established to ensure best practices are undertaken during critical situations, protecting against service interruptions.

MultiLingual Support

Multilingual customer care and sales solutions in French, Spanish and English are available, enabling you to effectively respond to the specific needs of your customers.


  • Knowledgeable dedicated agents trained to effectively represent your company and culture
  • Maintenance of high quality processes through extensive QA protocol
  • Reliable, experienced management and support of your account
  • Multiple language support in English, French, and Spanish
  • Efficient scheduling and workforce management practices for your account
  • Contingency plans in place to protect against unforeseen service interruptions
  • Ability to make quick adjustments based on real-time reports and analysis