dedicated business continuity


Maintaining availability and continuous customer service are fundamental to meeting the demands of customers and critical in the contact center industry. Regardless of any circumstance, customers expect and should be served to their convenience. LiveHelpAmerica understands the importance of keeping operations running 24×7×365, and employs an intuitive business continuity plan to combat any unforeseen disaster.

Extended outage or downtime would inflict a direct and measurable impact on your business and ours. Accordingly, LiveHelpAmerica has established thorough contingency plans to ensure the correct actions that will secure service continuity are undertaken during critical situations.

Our Strategy

LiveHelpAmerica has strategically located all our contact center facilities in areas that have low probabilities of natural disaster. Located in central Canada there is little to no risk of hurricanes, earthquakes or floods, as opposed to our southern and offshore competitors where these natural disasters are a yearly threat. Our strategic locations immediately reduce the chance that a severe disaster would affect our centers and render us inoperative.

With this in mind, there is still the possibility of other unforeseen situations that every contact center must prepare for, for which LiveHelpAmerica has a detailed Facility Management Program, including a Business Continuity Plan and SLIP (Service Level Interruption Plan). Precautions such as a natural gas generator, uninterrupted power supplies, and in-house systems technicians are outlined in this plan to prevent interruption of service.

LiveHelpAmerica Business Continuity Features:

  • Series of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) battery back-ups for a first line defense mechanism in the case of lost power
  • Separate battery backup system within our Nortel Succession 1000 M PBX that provides uninterrupted power to the switch for up to 24 hours
  • For extended power outages, a natural gas powered generator will be used, with the capability of powering the center indefinitely if necessary
  • Daily backups are made of client data and crucial company data, enabling transport of all data to a call center partner who will handle all calls for a short period of time if necessary
  • Concrete and brick fire-proof server room
  • Three separate active Internet sources enable us to access the Internet via one of our secondary connections in the event of loosing primary T1s
  • Employment of a 24 hour, on-call, in-house systems technician

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