dedicated agent assist sales service


Many of our clients appreciate LiveHelpAmerica’s high-touch approach to their sales and customer care strategy. They require brand experts who can provide immediate and consistent answers to customers, which is why we offer an Agent Assist Sales & Service Solution that leverages industry-leading knowledge management technology with certified agents to address the needs of these high-touch customers. This is an elite outsourced solution for companies whose goal is to provide rapid, accurate, and relevant answers to customer queries with sophisticated reporting features to further understand their customer’s behavior.

Our Solution

To achieve maximum results, LiveHelpAmerica uses a leading on-demand software platform that focuses on the “Voice of the Customer” as the leading priority for increased quality and customer satisfaction. The technology allows our certified contact center agents to ask questions in natural language, and receive a consistent answer – regardless of the hundreds of ways the question may be asked. Additionally, data compiled from the queries searched by customers are stored for reporting and analytics purposes, which is used to provide further insight into our clients’ customers.

The pairing of certified agents and leading technology ensures customer inquiries are dealt with in an efficient, effective, and consistent manner. The result is increased agent productivity and decreased handle time, translating into a high-touch, enhanced customer experience. In addition, through our reporting and analytics suite, data and customer feedback is shared with clients, which can assist them in the development of new products, services and processes to optimize customer self-service applications that will better suit customer needs.

Agent Assist Sales & Service Benefits Include:

  • Reduction in average handle time by 25% – 40%
  • Invaluable data in the “Voice of the Customer” analytics
  • Enhanced brand image through consistent delivery of information to customers
  • Reduction of second line agent escalations
  • A focus on quality assurance and a high-touch sales and customer care approach
  • Total turnkey solution with industry-leading best practices