company technology


The technology used by your contact center greatly impacts the quality of every contact – from the way your calls, chats, and emails are handled at the very first point of contact to the way your data is collected. At LiveHelpAmerica, we strongly believe in the benefits of advanced technology and have made extensive investments to ensure our capabilities remain ahead of the curve and our clients have access to the highest quality and most reliable technology available in the market.

Our technological capabilities include:

  • Web-based workstations allowing access to the Internet so agents can quickly collect important information during calls and chats
  • Real-time and historical agent performance tracking with IVR technology to record and store successful calls
  • Dedicated reporting includes up-to-date online access to standard reporting and critical marketing information
  • Database-driven call routing allows for complex call scripting and skill-based routing that ensures only your dedicated agents take your calls
  • A robust system with multiple redundancies allowing for a stable environment with over 99.99% uptime
  • 24×7 on-call IT support to handle technical issues promptly and ensure all systems are consistently running smoothly

IT Team

Thousands of calls, chats, and emails run through our contact centers on a daily basis. Managing these is an important task and crucial to maintaining high levels of quality for our clients. Any call center can buy the best technology on the market, but it is the people behind this technology that deliver the results you are looking for.

The LiveHelpAmerica IT staff is made up of a variety of industry experienced professionals, all experts in the telecommunications field. This talented team allows us to provide customized applications to any of our clients requiring more than cookie-cutter type of applications. Our philosophy is if you can dream it, we can build it.