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LiveHelpAmerica emphasizes loyalty and transparency in all relationships with customers, clients, partners, and employees. The sales and services benefits of increasing Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), First Contact Resolution (FCR), Average Order Value (AOV), and decreasing Cost per Contact (CPC), are achieved by balancing operational expertise with program insights.

Operational practices are uniquely customized and delivered to every client to achieve the desired quality and ROI in a proactive, transparent culture. We leverage insights and reports to drive operational decisions, to provide a high performance environment, and act as an extension of each brand that we work with.

These key principles drive our business model for success:


We integrate the client brand into our operations to create a culture of brand specialists that are closely aligned with our client’s brand and company values. LiveHelpAmerica focuses on hiring the best people to run our campaigns, from front-line agents and managers to our corporate staff in HR, Finance, IT, Marketing and Sales. By focusing on our values and hiring for talent, we are able to recruit and retain great people – fostering an aligned, committed corporate culture. We don’t just provide a service – we build a relationship and ensure our standards match each of our clients’ needs.

Operational Expertise

Attention to detail and execution allows us to drive performance and innovation. Cross-functional teams are built around specialists and processes that ensure we select and train the right people, provide them with the tools to succeed, and develop program enhancements to achieve client goals.

Along the way, our customer experience team provides ongoing support to make necessary adjustments and proactive suggestions to assist with client growth.


Through a robust system of data reports, call recordings, analytics, customer feedback surveys, and a variety of other practices, LiveHelpAmerica will measure consumer and business touch points and effectively manage to the overall account KPI. These insights and reports will provide actionable data to ensure continuous improvement to client accounts.

We strive to create a 360-degree view of operations and many of our reports are available in real-time. Scheduled calibration meetings are used to discuss any issues related to the quality assurance of each account and a customizable solution created to achieve any goal that our clients may have.

Customer Experience Center

The last element that brings our approach full circle is our belief in being a true extension of each brand we work with, by fostering trust and transparency in each relationship. We work closely with our clients to create a Customer Experience Center of Excellence that provides the right technology, processes, and people to innovate customer service.

The feedback loop we insist on having with our clients guarantees constant communication and improvement. We focus not only on maintaining high levels of service, but also on achieving long-term business goals.