company facilities


With its global presence, LiveHelpAmerica is able to provide flexible onshore, nearshore, and offshore outsourcing solutions. Each site is uniquely customized for our customers, to align with their corporate brand and culture. Highlights of our sites include large break rooms, 24-hour Avanti Market, 24-hour security in the form of video surveillance and key card access, state-of-the-art training classrooms, and in close proximity to public transportation.

Our locations are strategically selected in areas that have career-focused labor pools of qualified and experienced employees and a minimal risk of natural disasters.

The Right Agents On The Right Accounts

Every brand has a personality of its own, and one agent may be better suited to representing it than another. We have developed proprietary recruiting, training and management processes that get the right people representing the right brand, in the right way.

Our on-site training facilities, dedicated trainers, and customized training programs prepare our Brand Care Specialists to speak your brand and meet the customer satisfaction metrics you specify.

We encourage our agents to take the initiative and go the extra mile in solving problems. Customers who get such outstanding, personal service become loyal customers and even advocates for your brand.