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The makeup of LiveHelpAmerica is extremely diverse, a characteristic that’s represented through the combined talents and experiences our people. It’s our diversity that makes us special. In addition to the direct experience required for a role, we acknowledge all types of skills at LiveHelpAmerica and aim for a unique balance of not only tangible skills, but also the intangibles that are often not requirements. This way, we have a well-rounded team with different experiences and backgrounds bringing different ideas to the table, encouraging innovation. Some of our characteristics include:

Intangible Skills And Experience

Our people possess many direct and transferable skill sets that heighten all areas of the company. From years in retail customer service to time employed in visual graphic design, many of our employees bring their personal skill set to any job function.

Young Entrepreneurial Spirit

Taking our cue from our leaders at the top, LiveHelpAmerica employs creative thinkers who problem solve and encourage an attitude to push the envelope. The company’s flexible structure allows room for innovation to stay ahead of the competition and constantly adapt to the industry.

Diverse Educational Backgrounds

Our employees come from very diverse backgrounds, ranging from traditional Business diplomas to even more diverse Theatre and Performance degrees. Other education backgrounds that help foster innovation within the company include: Political Science, Marketing, Psychology, English, French Studies and History to name a few.